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about paragon s.a.

Paragon was established in 1994 aiming to provide specialized research & technical services and to promote the transfer of technology from Universities and Research Institutes to the Industry.

Since then, we added another goal to our mission statement: to provide state-of-the-art products to the scientific and the industrial community. Therefore, Paragon secured the exclusive distribution in Greece and neighboring countries of high-tech instrumentation of the companies seen on top.

The resources and expertise of PARAGON SA are available for joint participation in European Commission funded projects or as services offered to industrial, governmental or other private agencies.

Apart from the permanently employed staff, PARAGON collaborates with a number of very capable external assistants-scientists. These collaborations enable PARAGON SA to undertake very complex projects in areas of high specialization.

Company Profile

Postal Address

Karaoli & Dimitriou 13,
Athens, Galatsi
GR-11146, GREECE.
Telephone: +30-210-2220008
FAX: +30-210-2220019
E-mail: info@paragon.gr
Website: www.paragon.gr

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Athens (ACCI: www.acci.gr).

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