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Fields of Expertise:
PARAGON SA combines the extensive knowledge of a group of engineers, all of them experts in their fields, and the capabilities of an efficient management team. This structure gives PARAGON SA the ability to provide management services, expert services, or participate successfully in R&D and technical projects.

The resources and expertise of PARAGON SA are available for joint participation in European Commission funded projects or as services offered to industrial, governmental or other private agencies.

Research Interests:
Paragon is involved in research in the following themes:

▪   Acoustics Projects                  ▪   Noise and Vibration Control
▪   Energy-related Projects         ▪   Aeronautics Projects  
▪   Construction Industry related Projects   ▪   Innovation-Transfer Projects


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List of Partners

Exploitation of Results

Paragon has an extensive background in the exploitation of project results. Among others Paragon is the exploitation manager of project CONSTRINNONET (Innovation and SMEs Project, "Promoting Innovation in Construction Industry SMEs").

Moreover, in order to present the exploitation abilities and background of Paragon, it is worthy to be stated that one of the first Paragon's success stories in exploiting results of another project has been presented in the "Cordis Focus" magazine (ISSN 1022-6559, December 2001 - Issue No 17, pp.12).

Dissemination activities

Paragon during the past years has developed the necessary experience and procedures/tools for the dissemination and the exploitation of project results. The ones that have proven to be the most efficient have been selected to form the core of dissemination/exploitation tools that are used by Paragon. Some of them are:

Dissemination procedures:

a. The results are disseminated through Paragon's commercial web-site. This is usually performed with the creation of a special web-page devoted to results as well as making special mention to the main web-page. Given the fact that Paragon's site is visited every day by a specialized audience relevant to Paragon's background and therefore, directly interested to these results, the dissemination achieved is maximum.

b. The results are disseminated by mailings to the interested audience. Through the previous years, Paragon has developed special contact/mailing lists to collaborators and/or clients in Greece and abroad. These lists are maintained frequently in order to be up-to-date. The entities that could potentially be interested in the given results are identified and a special mailing is made to them.

c. In order to disseminate its own research results stemming from Paragon's participation in European research, Paragon selects and participates in conferences that will potentially have the largest impact possible. In these conferences special presentations are made concerning the results.

d. Though presentations in related commercial fairs that Paragon will participate in view of its commercial activities.

It is well understood from the above that the audience that will receive this information is directly interested to the results of this project and therefore, the dissemination results will be maximized.

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